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Robert Aviles

Robert's Music and Cellular Release

Dr. Patrick Price and the other Body Detectives have been incorporating Robert's music into Cellular Release sessions for years. The unique qualities of Robert's music greatly assist the client with the transition into a more relaxed and open state for the work, and his music also aids the client in the release process itself.

7-String Electric Violinist

Robert is the founder of Music Research Technologies; an organization devoted to the research of combining Music and Quantum Energy Field research.

He leads workshops in Quantum Cymatics where the relationship between energy, sound, and form is demonstrated. He has lectured about the technology developed from his research, at hospitals, universities, church groups, healing centers, and conventions including the following:

  • Chapman University
  • Cal State San Diego
  • Manhattan Beach Regional Hospital
  • Redondo Beach Center for Healing Arts
  • American Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
  • National Convention of Chi Masters
  • ISAR International Convention
  • CRS Southern California tour circuit
  • Radio and cable talk shows
  • National Conventions for both corporate and non-profit organizations

Robert continues to conduct research studies on the efficacy of his music as well as the latest energy field enhancement technology developed from his findings. He also is a prolific musician and composer.

Robert Anthony Aviles Music Career History

Robert was invited to perform as an American Ambassador in New Zealand at the Christchurch Civic Auditorium for the Joy to the World Millennium Celebration. He ushered in the year 2000 in several concert performances in Australia. He has received standing ovations from audiences of 60 to 80 thousand as an American Ambassador for the Canada Day 2000 Celebrations in Winnipeg. Robert, along with his band, was the first non-Hawaiian to perform at the Waiki'i Music Festival on the big island of Hawaii in 2003. In 2003 and 2004 he was invited for a successful performance tour of Japan. Robert completed four U.S. national performance and lecture tours in 2003/04.

He was nominated as "Best Artist" in the World Music category for the Orange County Music Awards for 2002 and 2003. He also was among the top five "Best Live Acts" in 2004 and won the "Best Instrumental Artist" award in the same year. Robert has donated recordings, proceeds, and performances for dozens of charitable causes including Race for the Cure (Breast Cancer), The March of Dimes, The Children's Hospital of Orange County, The Bolsa Chica Conservancy, The Huntington Beach Community Hospital, Sierra Club, The Natural Resource Defense Council, The Red Cross, Amnesty International and many more. Jordan Violins, makers of his electric 7-string violin as well as Barrett Instruments, maker of his "signature series" electric 6-string violins, sponsor Robert. Other sponsors include Super-Sensitive Strings, GelRests, and Zoom Electronics.

As a recording artist, Robert has nearly two decades of experience in composing, arranging, engineering, and producing. Robert has performed as a session player on both piano and violin on well over 100 recording projects. His artistry can be heard on a best-selling Warner Bros. Instructional video, major motion picture sound tracks, National Geographic and Nature Channel documentaries to name a few. Robert has a discography of over 20 CD's, ranging from Rock, Classical, New Age, Lullaby, World, Inspirational, and Seasonal music.

International Performances

  • Christ Church Civic Auditorium in New Zealand
  • Melbourne Millennium Awareness Festival in Australia
  • Winnipeg Canada Day Celebration in Canada
  • Japanese National Tour
  • Waiki'i Festival in Hawaii

Fund Raisers and Foundations

  • Paramount Studios Cancer Research Benefit
  • Playboy Mansion Fundraiser for the Denise Brown Charitable Organization
  • Leukemia Society Fundraiser
  • Santa Ana Homeless Shelter Fundraiser
  • Huntington Beach Community Clinic Fundraiser
  • Liver Foundation Fundraiser
  • Race for the Cancer Cure
  • Redondo Beach Center for Healing Arts
  • Huntington Beach Earth Day Festival
  • Nordstrom's Corporate Events
  • Redondo Beach Rotary Club
  • UCSD Whale Awareness Fundraiser
  • Shiner's Temple San Diego

Robert currently resides in Southern California and frequently travels around the nation and world to perform and lecture. He continues to compose, record, and perform on a regular basis as both a solo performer and with his group INSIGHT.

What the Critics Are Saying

"Robert Anthony Aviles puts on an exciting concert that keeps the crowd involved from the get-go and does not let up."

Jon Pepper
Music Connection Magazine

"Totally fresh and unique. Robert Anthony Aviles blends classical and rock music tastefully."

Jeffrey Cohen
Music Biz Magazine

"Robert is an amazing performer. The energy level on stage is phenomenal."

Martin Brown
Live Magazine

"Aviles is to the violin as Hendrix was to the guitar."

BAM Magazine

"If this is where music is going... GET OUT OF THE WAY."

Music Biz Magazine

"The compositions of Aviles' music are ushering in a new paradigm in music."

Resources Magazine

Testimonials about Robert's Harmonic Energy Music Disks

"My wife has suffered from a debilitating malady for many years and was bed-ridden for about 80% of any given day. I brought her the Energy Music and just after a couple of hours, she got up and began washing the dishes. She remained up and about doing chores. The next morning she was up early busying herself around the house. I was a complete skeptic, but no more!"

John Alkire
Chief Technology Officer, LezurTV
Huntington Beach, CA

"I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that I had such severe damage in my knees from many rugby injuries that I would probably need an operation to replace both knees. The pain was so agonizing I could hardly walk. I started to take daily doses of painkillers. I then began to use the Energy Music. Amazingly enough the pain did not come back and I have been walking without pain or pills for over a month now."

Victor Barron
Chairman and CEO, Movie Buzz
Newport Beach, CA

"I've been free of my back pain since I started listening."

Milton Snyder

"Our son Jason had an uncontrollable twitch in one of his eyes. A neurologist and our regular doctor ran tests that indicated no conclusive reason for this twitching. Nothing really seemed to help the situation so we decided to try the Energy Music. Within only two days the twitching had subsided and eventually it disappeared."

Robert & Allina Ferraro
Las Vegas, NV

"He has not only changed my life, but the lives of my skaters. The overall benefits listening to the Energy Music have been amazing! It's like I am fourteen years old again. My stamina, my endurance, my flexibility and that of my team of skaters has truly made a difference in all our lives and abilities."

Michael Verlich
Former Olympic Skater and Trainer to hopeful future Olympic ice skaters.
Santa Monica, CA

"I underwent surgery to remove a tumor over my right shoulder blade. It left the muscles and tendons inches shorter. I could not lift my arm above my head, nor turn my head to the right and I suffered tremendous headaches. I was introduced to the Energy Music and listened to it every day. I now have more strength and range of motion and I'm able to turn my head again."

Joyce Spillane
Costa Mesa, CA

"I feel much more focused and grounded since listening to the music products. I have better concentration, clearer thoughts, and enhanced creativity. I have experienced a decreased appetite. I find that I'm more particular about what I eat rather than eating just to satisfy my hunger. I have more energy and don't experience the fatigue that I used to feel. I can work longer and harder. After nearly two weeks of listening, I noticed a greatly increased level of flexibility and physical movement. I can say with great sincerity that I feel 10-15 years younger!

Anara Solray, UT

"I have been using the Energy Disks ever since they were released. The results are awesome! For the past number of months I've been experiencing a greater flow of energy through my being that gets stronger and stronger every day. I can't imagine how anyone could choose not to use these incredible products."

Timothy Steutz
Executive Director of Transformations,
Reiki/Qigong Master

"I listen to the Energy Disk most of the time that I am at home, and I find it is like receiving a shot of pure oxygen and I find it has considerably relaxed my back muscles and increases my stamina on my daily walks."

Eve Foussard
Newport Beach, CA

"I felt filled with Joy and Love, from God, for God, for you, for everyone."

Roberta Lemon

Robert Aviles




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