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April 24, 2008

I have known Dr. Price for several years now. I must say, being an international speaker I come in contact and meet a great deal of people but none as special as Dr. Price. I can remember first meeting him and the team at a talk that I did in Toronto. I can't explain the feeling only that the first meeting was certainly a lasting one. There was something about his energy and more so his intent. I believed him to be a true healer. As we became friends over the years he has been after me to come to Houston and get a Cellular Release. I must admit being an analytical I was a little skeptical at first. I have a need to understand how something works and functions before I can usually believe in it. I love to be proved wrong. This was one of those times. After many years of asking and coaxing I finally gave in. He was teaching a class in Florida and I just so happened to have been down there the same time. The Universe provided. Upon arriving at the home of one of the other facilitators I must admit I was still a little skeptical. After some good conversation and some time to go through my pleasure list we were ready. The one thing Patrick told me was "to get out of my head and just follow his instructions". I did and all I can say is it was a WOW experience. I wouldn't even know where to begin to explain what I felt, saw, heard, and experienced. All I can say if you are having second thoughts don't. This will be the greatest thing you ever do for yourself. My thinking, energy, and beliefs have made a total 180 degrees turn. This is a life changing experience that is well worth the time, energy and exchange of dollars. Patrick and the team are truly gifted healers and have the highest of values and integrity. Just Do It!!!!

Doug Caporrino, CN, CPT
President of RTR, Results thru Research

May 15, 2006

I attended the fifth and final Body Detective workshop. Until that weekend, I had not experienced a cellular release. I had heard a lot about the release and was intrigued. What occurred that Sunday night of the workshop was truly amazing. It almost seemed that as I grew closer to having a release I became increasingly more uncomfortable and agitated. In the end, I decided I really didn't even want to have a release. Dr. Price told me that I was definitely going to have a release. So I said fine. I'll have one. One of the most interesting things happened as I lay on the table breathing deep belly breaths. I suddenly felt this funny gurgling sensation in the lower part of my abdomen near my uterus. The sensation traveled up my body to my throat region. I then felt as if someone or something was literally trying to choke me. I continued breathing deep belly breaths. Finally, my grid was lifted off of me. Until that moment I did not believe in the grid thing, but when it was lifted off of me, I soon became a believer. I felt so vulnerable after it was finally lifted off. The choking sensation moved out thru the crown of my head. During the release I cried very little. I think that I laughed most of the time. Actually, what started me laughing was the childhood memories that started popping up in my mind. The memories would surface as different parts of my body were worked on. One memory involved me at a high school dance when I was 5 years old. Another involved me at camp starring in a homemade movie. The overall feeling was that I had been such a phony !!! It was just hilarious to me. There was also a lot of joy too. As the release proceeded and the music shifted from 70's disco to more slow moving tunes, I started to feel even more shifts. A part of me felt a little frightened that the people who were working on me might change their minds and leave me high and dry! Dr. Price must have sensed something as he began to work on my heart area. As he did this, the most gut wrenching sound was released. This "tonal release" lasted for more than a few minutes. I didn't realize my voice could carry that long. I remember Dr. Price saying things to me that shifted me even more. One thing he asked was, who said you weren't good enough? And I also recall him saying, all those relationships that haven't worked out, its not your fault. What he said to me was more than perfect. I felt so loved. After that everyone gathered round and gave me this wonderful group hug. Afterwards, the body detectives returned to removing the stored emotion from my body. At times it was quite painful, but in a good almost orgasmic sort of way. After the release, I felt so at ease with myself. I also felt so attractive! For days after the release I continued to process. I wish that I could accurately describe the feeling but words do not do justice. The one thing that I would like for people to know is that until you have had a release, you can't possibly know how incredible the experience is. My life has changed for the better. I am so much more peaceful within. I feel strong in myself and for what I stand for. Before I felt so timid and now I really am able to hold my own. I am a different person because of the release. Whatever had gotten a hold of my throat that night took the strange fearful thoughts that I used to have completely away. To this day I truly feel released, whole and complete.

Kelly Wood

I believe my Cellular Release session with Dr. Price and his team of Body Detectives was the single most beneficial treatment that I have ever experienced and one of the most significant events in my life. Its revolutionary approach to bodywork, energy work and emotional work marks a true advance in the healing professions. I feel I am a fortunate beneficiary of this revolutionary technique, and that it is a gift that has changed me positively and set me back on a course of health, self-knowing and spiritual awareness.

My second Cellular Release Session with Dr. Patrick Price and the class revealed, channeled and released an energy and vibration within me that took me by surprise. It initiated a feeling of sheer, pure, divine joy. An Egyptian dancer arose from my subconscious and took myself and everyone present by surprise. I am told that the energy and beauty, the vibration and physical movements were truly profound to witness. I discovered a beautiful, energetic, and vibrant part of myself that was connected, engaged, and released in to this dimension, time, space, and life during the Cellular Release Session. This process is something everyone must experience.

Claire Vinet

Journal - After my first cellular release session: deep releases of unhealed sorrow and pain came welling up from my depth were dragged out...or pulled screaming from layers hidden deep within the darkness of my cells released to light to find their way back to source to be loved back to purity and peace, and in their place light and love streamed in to heal the hole of previous hurt. Warrior angels Patrick and the team were sent to clear us of our old debris; warrior angels sent to move our physical and spiritual growth to the next level.


It has been four months since my CRS. It seems like a year. So many changes in my physical, mental and spiritual bodies. The physical was fairly easy to manage with the detox program, enzymes and diet. Sleep patterns changed. My sensitivities heightened. Hearing greatly improved. My eyes seem to be weakening somewhat. I feel and see energy so much better and my food habits have changed considerably. I had artificial nails on and after the CR, I could not handle the smell of the product or the pressure on my nails. Today I feel extremely healthy.

At first the mental body had me mental. I almost felt crazy for a short period of time. I processed Fear, Anxiety and Anger. Then all of a sudden Peace. I get much more work done with clarity, creativity and ease. I also seem to be moving away from the drama of the world and withdrawing into my own quiet sanctuary where I am able to quiet the thoughts with much ease and peace. People who have been the closest to me have either dropped away, become closer or have become negative and somewhat abusive. I am able to see it is not necessary for me to play there anymore in my mind. What freedom. Spiritually, WOW! As a energy healer and devote spiritual seeker this is by far the greatest asset of the CRS. Clearing out all of the old cellular memory has awakened me to the sensitivities of the spirit world. Every morning and evening is a classroom. At first I did not sleep for about 10 days as Angels and guides came to me, wake me up, give me information. They assist me in my healing's in away I never was open to. My thoughts are not my own and it is a great learning process to discern the information coming to me. This is continually changing.


Jan. 2008

During two full days in bed, dreams came rapidly. Many people who have been in my life and crossed over came to me in my dreams. Some came together with messages. Ascended Masters rolled through making brief appearances. I seem to have a loud ringing in my ears with different pitches. I tested my organs with no shift. My right eye twitches.... Once out of bed and back into my routine, I found myself to be clumsy, bumping into things for the first couple of days. Then into a feeling of euphoria and empowerment. Happy, loved, confident and creative. I have a strong feeling of waiting for something wonderful that is going to take place. All for now....

Patti Rondolino
St. Petersburg, Florida

I had my first cellular release session about two years ago. I was also one of the first to be trained by Patrick to give the sessions to other people, so I thought I knew what to expect, however having the experience myself was totally beyond my imagination. The session started with me breathing deeply, before Patrick, Clay, and the team lifted the grid so as to work with my energetic field. The music was loud and helped me get into a trance-like state which would make it easier for the others to work on me.

As the session began, I felt very light, and as I continued with the deep breathing I felt myself getting lighter and lighter. What I realized after the session was that I had actually come out of the body, which was why I could not feel any pain when the pressure points were being pressed so as to release the deep-set emotion in the cells that my body had been storing for a number of years. As points were being pressed pictures were coming up in my mind, and I remember very vivid images of my Dad and a dialogue we had had a long time ago.

During the session other such vivid images came into my mind like a movie. I knew from other sessions that each session can take about 2 hours. I honestly thought I had been short changed when they stopped working on me, as I thought only 20 minutes had passed, as they brought my grid back down to my body. I had lost all sense of time as I was told later that I had been "out of it" for 2½ hours! As I lay there waiting to come back into my body, Patrick said to me "take as much time as you need", and as I lay there listening to the music I felt like I was floating above my body looking down at myself on the bed. There was no way I could move let alone get up. I must have been there for quite a while as well, as eventually Clay came to help me get up and walk, which truly was a challenge. It took a long time to get orientated again, but after having some food I felt grounded again, and was even able to drive home with no problem.

I definitely felt very different after that experience. My peripheral vision had expanded, I felt as though I was much lighter and I felt completely relaxed and free from any limiting thought patterns, worry or tension. Patrick offered a very thorough follow-up package and I was also thoroughly briefed before the session and had to set clear intentions for the clearing making it known to the practitioners what it was I wanted to focus on. My intention had been to expand my spiritual awareness and to open my third eye. This did not happen straight away although it lifted any thoughts of limitation from me, which allowed the process to progress a little quicker. I first started feeling these intentions coming into reality about 6-9 months after the session. I started to feel things about other people, pick up on things I had no idea of knowing, and I was very clear with what I wanted in my own life. I also began to see the energy lines around the body and see clearly where there were blockages or painful spots that needed to be cleared. This is something I continue to work on, and unfortunately I have since left Houston, and am now living in Shanghai, but would love to be able to take this exceptional technique abroad and expose it to the many people who will find benefit from it just as I know it has changed so many lives for the better already. I want to thank Patrick, Clay and the team without whom I would never have had this experience. My spiritual path has been greatly aided by that one session, and I feel if one session can have such an impact then imagine what a series of sessions would have on an individual. I feel hugely blessed to have experienced this unique healing technique. Thank you.

Sian Meeuwsen
(Chinese Medicine student in Shanghai, China, September 2006)

Dr. Patrick Price is indeed one of those rare individuals that one is fortunate to meet in a lifetime. Having worked with Patrick, I have come to respect his systems of healing, sensory expansion, and spirituality. Unlike so many others out there, he is not out to make himself a guru, but rather I have seen him consistently bring others into empowering themselves. The mark of a great master is not in how many devotees they have; it is in how many teachers and masters they facilitate. He has brought together an incredible team of healers and continues to encourage others to find the teacher within. Personally, were it not for Patrick, I would never have believed in my own abilities nor had the courage to take on the role of teacher myself. Sharing the stage with him is an honor, and the mutual learning between us is something I could not place a price upon.

Wayne R. Oliver
Veil Yoga and Fitness

Dr. Patrick is a master shaman. He is adept at creating internal environments enabling the reception of visions from the other side. This essential experience catapults one on the spiritual path and provides a personal, heightened sense of "allowing" and acceptance of where you are on the road of life. His energy medicine is innovative and miraculous providing needed physical support to anyone desiring release from obstructions in the body's life force.

Mark Hammer,
Spiritual Coach & Master Herbalist




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