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Body Detective Program Founder

Dr. Patrick Price is a highly skilled intuitive practitioner and martial artist, whose chief objective is to assist individuals in coming back into balance. As a "Body Detective," Patrick has worked diligently to enhance his normal sensing (sight, hearing, feeling, smelling and taste) to better serve his clients. He encourages members of his team to use their intuitive gifts to seek out every client's core issues that are unresolved in life. In particular, he has surrounded himself with like-minded, "Body Detectives," who are sensitive to the body's imbalances. These imbalances carry within, "cellular memories," stemming from past trauma and/or drama. For example, past physical and/or emotional abuse, toxic relationships, current unresolved physical complaints, etc. that can, and do, interfere with a person's harmony and happiness. Dr. Price's mission is to bring people back into balance, with his highly skilled and intuitive team of professionals, adept at making a comprehensive contribution to each client's well-being.


  • Quantum Therapy Quantum Therapy Program
  • Cellular Release Sessions
  • Comprehensive Wellness Program
  • Seven-Step Detox Program
  • Energy Medicine Program
  • The Body Detective Program (Founder)
  • Medical Intuitive Program
  • Body Movement Program - Tai Chi and Qi Gong
  • Research & Development - Ki-Essentials, Intention Energy, etc.


  • D.C. - Doctor of Chiropractic (Louisiana and Texas)
  • B.A. Biology - Biology Major
  • Ongoing Postgraduate education: Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Kinesiology, Degenerative diseases - prevention and treatment


  • Wellness Director for several corporations
  • Medical Director - Ki-Essentials
  • Researcher - Intention Energy, Genacol, Pharmabul
  • Martial Artists Master - 30 years in the arts and division head of JKI in JUDO
  • Martial Arts Master Instructor in several systems - Jujutsu, Judo, CSW, and weapons


  • Consciousness & Mastering your Emotions
  • Cellular Release
  • Contact Reflex Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Advanced Movement Therapy
  • Cellular Detoxification
  • Enzyme and Ozone Therapy
  • Issues in Your Tissues


Dr. Price's approach to health and wellness is through the physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

  • He achieves physical balance through structural adjustments, organ/muscle balancing and body movement.
  • Chemical balance is reached through various detoxification and nutritional programs.
  • Emotional balance is accomplished through cellular release, polarity balancing and eliminating "limited beliefs."
  • The most challenging and rewarding is spiritual balance, which is delivered through the "Body Detective" training program.




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