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The subject of Cellular Release (CR) and Cellular Memory (CM) has been in my vocabulary for the past 15 years, but it hasn't been until the last 12 years that I have truly seen what this means. The doctor side of me sees this as painful spots on the body that sometimes give some sort of "release" from patients when I work on these areas. The Body Detective (BD) view goes much deeper — to the root of the source of physical and emotional pain. In every pain or dis-ease in our bodies there lives an emotional component at the cellular level, which goes as deep as our own DNA — our true make-up of who we are. Yes, you heard it! Every physical ailment stems from an emotional episode in our lives. For example: pressure applied to a painful area in a TMJ patient can result in a release - an explosion of tears, sometimes laughter. This pressure that is applied in a certain fashion to attain the release, can also result in the release certain smells.

During my training as a BD I have learned to see crystals inside the body. First, you may see dark spots on the surface, but look a little deeper, these crystals appear as silver to light blue slivers of glass, or sometimes they just look like broken glass! These crystals are the cellular memory trapped within our bodies, and sometimes they may contain calcium deposits. The calcium deposits, according to Alice Tomasello (Co-founder Spiritual Plumber), seem to be like an insulator around the crystals. This is why you find these gritty places in muscles, organs, joints and nerves, because of the calcium that surrounds them. The crystals during a release seem to cause more pain than just scar tissue.

When these crystals are in an organ, the organ begins to slowly fail. It's like putting a squeeze on the organ, robbing it of electricity. This action causes other reactions in the body, making other organs work twice as hard, and the body then tries to rebalance itself. You are now using too much energy, even cutting into your reserves. Soon, your choices become those of fear, and you are medicated with maybe a surgery to follow. Is this how we balance ourselves? How do you stop or reverse this process? Is it too late?

Here is the big question: are you ready to face your own issues or challenges? This is my question to you? Are you ready to change your programming; to delete the things you don't like about your life, or to suffer where you are, being too afraid to change? We get signals; it begins at the spiritual level. It's that little voice that says, don't go there, don't do that to yourself. We hear it, but do not pay attention to it. Second, it starts at the emotional level. We become sad, depressed, angry and self-confidence is nowhere in sight. We then become numb and don't feel anything anymore. Third, it manifests into the physical! Joint pain; knees, shoulders, ankles become constantly painful. Liver enzymes elevate; constipation; can't sleep; organs start to malfunction. Conventional treatments, medications and even your Chiropractic adjustments are not helping you get better. You have had x-rays, MRI, blood work and your doctor says, "We can't find anything wrong with you." So, you say to yourself, I think I am ready for change; I want to explore Cellular Release. Not everyone is a candidate for this technique.

Before having a CR session, there should always be a assessment, where you tell your story and bring any medical history that you have. Now, it is time for you to tell your story (history), everyone has his or her own story. Much of this story is what you believe to be your "truth," some you may be making up, some will be actual events that have taken place in your life. This is where we will listen to the frequency of your voice to hear what is truth and what has been made up. When you are not living or speaking your truth, this causes crystallized debris to form. Next, a visual scan is performed, not everyone can see the cellular crystals, but you can find them with your hands. Muscle testing can be a big help in verifying your work. From the scanning and testing a plan is then devised. Every person is such an individual, even with similar conditions like Fibromyalgia; everyone has to be treated in different manors.

Nutrition protocols are also used to help in the chemical release of built up residue inside the body, before and after a session. What happens next is a bizarre collection of healing tools used on the body to prepare for the release session. Anywhere from ion beds with far infrared heat, to frequency devices to help the person relax are used. Now that you are prepared for your session, you are brought into a room with scalar wave technology devices and you lie down on a massage table. Music starts and you begin to breath. A special type of breathing is induced to place you in the right state of mind. Please note that CR can be performed without any of these devices, we use them to make things happen faster and to assist you in going deeper. Also, a team of people are working on you, from a Reiki master, Chiropractor, MD, Acupuncturist, Physical Therapist, or just people who have special skills; like a girl who is deaf and can hear the frequencies the body makes as change takes place. Several people like myself have performed CR alone and with no devices, so don't think you cannot do this yourself, you can. During this CR session, releases start to happen all over the body, from the head, down to your feet. Sometimes a smell will accompany the release. These smells can be anything from fungus, mold, bacteria to cancer cells, etc. A wide variety of emotions will also come forth. Someone may revert back to being a child - making the sounds of a child - to release the emotional trauma to which they may have been exposed. Sacred geometry is used to assist in the input of new "spiritual tools" that you will acquire during your session. A session performed in this fashion can go as long as one-and-a-half hours, up to five hours, the longest session I have witnessed. Your body follows the music and ends following the music. You are then left to drift and process the new programming you have received, letting go of old cellular memory that no longer serves you. It usually takes several days for you to come down from this "high" of feeling refreshed and renewed.

In conclusion, CR is a one-of-a-kind technique to let go of old physical and emotional trauma, especially for those who have experienced feelings of being mistreated, victimized, misunderstood or not properly respected. These are just the feelings that create debris and crystallization in the brain, liver and throughout the body. Whether you are an individual or part of a team like myself (Body Detectives), a session of CR is just the remedy for breaking down the crystallized debris in the body's cells and dealing with the emotional and spiritual issues.

Dr. Patrick Price is a practicing chiropractor, martial arts instructor and experienced health speaker with advanced spiritual sight, touch, hearing and intuitive knowing. His new wellness center is the premier center in Houston, Texas for many trendsetters in the alternative healing arts of today. Dr. Price's wellness center has a wide variety of doctors, health professionals and advanced healing technologies to provide you with the latest and greatest in achieving optimum health.




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