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7 Steps to Success
Patrick Price, DC, BD

  1. Intestinal Cleansing
    1. Oxy-Detox – This is a complete digestive-tract cleanser. It is not painful or harmful in any way; even a pregnant or nursing mother can use this product. Ozone is the best way to start a cleanse.
  2. Enzyme Therapy
    1. Protease – This enzyme is designed to be taken on an empty stomach.
    2. Digest – This product is to be taken with food and is best taken before meals. Digest will also aid in removal of fungus, mold and other invaders from the blood stream.
    3. Indigest Free – This product can be used with food or without.
  3. Liver/Gallbladder Flush (Traditional – Recommended)
    1. Traditional Methods – Dr. Price uses methods tried and true from years of cleansing from our mentors before us. Olive oil, Epsom salts and lemon juice are among the products needed for this project. This method takes five days to complete, the first time you do it. You will need a minimum of three flushes in sixty days.
  4. Parasite Cleanse
    1. The parasite cleanse is performed along with the liver/gallbladder flush since parasites are known to be involved in congesting the liver. Dr. Price uses products that are liquid and pill form. The pill form is more convenient and the liquid can be used with the pills. Why guess when you can ask your body which it prefers, and what dosage, and for how long. Dr. Price takes the guesswork out of which technique to use next.
    2. Apple Cider Vinegar (Maintenance)
  5. Heavy Metal Cleanse
    1. ZEOLITES – What happens when volcanic ash and salt water come together? You have a product that can be used orally to release heavy metals and other toxins from the body in a safe and gentle manner.
    2. Brimhall Technique – Dr. Brimhall developed a wonderful technique that will release and pull from the body heavy metals by using homeopathy and fatty acids together to help the organ in question function at an optimum level.
  6. Probiotics
    1. Soil-based microorganisms (SBO) – Primal Defense is our #1 recommended formula with organisms from the soil. SBO’s were first known to be used during the German invasion of North Africa where troops were dying off by the 100’s daily from dysentery. They learned from the Arabs that these live organisms lived in the soil that was consumed by the desert animals. The Germans also were the first to place them into a capsule and this was probably the real weapon that made them so strong, their immune system. SBO’s do this by stimulating the body’s own natural production of alpha-interferon, and assisting in restoring the natural alkalinity of the blood by eliminating harmful acid waste products. SBO’s also balance the hormonal system by stabilizing blood sugar and restoring glandular integrity. They are especially good at protecting the body against invading yeast, parasites and viruses by depriving them of the iron they need to flourish by providing lactoferrin to the body.
  7. Lymphatics
    1. Lymphatic Drainage – Transformation has created a unique product that is one of many Dr. Price uses to help in opening the drainage system of the human body. The lymphatic system cannot fully open until the liver has begun to release its toxins through detoxification. The Adrenal system has to also be checked to see if this hormonal system is in balance as well. When the Adrenal system in stressed, the lymph glands shrink the same as when we eat sugar. The lymph system holds fungus, mold, bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, etc., so it is of the utmost importance to open this facility and have it working properly.
    2. Rebounder – This handy tool can be used daily to help and assist the lymph system to open and stay open. The rebounder is also great for the strengthening of organs and the overall body. Be careful, you may actually tone your body while enjoying this fun tool for health.

Special Note:

Intestinal cleansing, enzymes and lymphatic drainage can all be started at the same time. After a week of cleansing the intestine, the liver/gallbladder flush is next, followed with the parasite/heavy metal cleanse.


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