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Wayne Oliver

Body Detective Master Trainer

Wayne R. Oliver is certified as: a yoga instructor, personal fitness trainer, chi gung instructor, Transformational Hypnotherapist, and certified to teach the KUNLUN™ System, as well as being a level 3 Reiki Master and a black belt. Wayne has taught internationally and functions as a “master trainer” for the Body Detective/Cellular Release course. Wayne is a former member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

Self-described as a hermit with a weakness for chocolate, Wayne was born in the early 1970’s in the Republic of Panama to a bi-lingual family and claims to be the only Latino on the planet who can’t dance. With brief stints in the martial arts of Issin-Ryu and Shotokan karate, Wayne earned his first black belt in Go Sho Kai in 1985. Later, the same year, Wayne developed a degenerative hip disease resulting in the next 4 ½ years being spent in leg braces and crutches. Ignoring his physicians advice to undergo a hip replacement surgery, Wayne sought relief via alternative physical training. Through t’ai chi and yoga, Wayne rehabilitated his hip sufficiently to take up Jujitsu under Robin Martin. (To this day, he continues to function with his original hip.)

In November 2005, Wayne began a four-year Louisiana tour with hurricane coping assistance efforts for the Gulf Coast storms Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike, as a team leader and professional stress manager for first responders and survivors. These experiences, along with his work as a personal trainer and a fitness director, led to his development of five training manuals - which include: meditation, self-cultivation, functional fitness, chi kung and personal wellness. These manuals evolved into books, dvds and cds. Wayne’s 20 years of study and application in Eastern and Western health, exercise, and meditation regimens from various disciplines/traditions give him a broad base to pull from in his teaching and training venues.

The owner of Veil Yoga & Fitness, LLC, Wayne loves writing, teaching and producing new and exciting training programs which unify the seemingly separate aspects of life into an integrated framework that he calls the “tripod model”. The tripod model is based in Wayne’s concept of mettafuge*. His goal is to use his experience to inspire self-cultivation in others thereby improving their physical, emotion, and spiritual health through direct personal application. He is available for seminars, as well as skype sessions, hypnosis for peak performance, and stress management.

Wayne lives on a Louisiana bayou with a pack of dogs and his beautiful finance, an attorney with a heart of gold who patiently tolerates his eccentricities.

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Wayne Oliver




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